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The Livia story

This soft, round frame blends effortlessly with your facial features. For a classic look, but enhanced with modern technique. Match the coloured lenses with every outfit. From modern to classic, we have endless options according to your wish.

Livia Drusilla // 59 B.C. - 29 A.D.

Livia was a Roman empress from 27 BC to AD 14 as the wife of Emperor Augustus. She was known as Julia Augusta after her formal adoption into the Julian family in 14 AD. The ancient sources generally portray Livia as a woman of proud and queenly attributes, faithful to her imperial husband, for whom she was a worthy consort, forever poised and dignified.

Livia was a highly respected woman and the first woman to appear on a regional coin in the Roman Empire, this coin was the inspiration for the shape of this model.

“Love is just a word until you and that
someone who comes along give it meaning.”

- Livia

This model is inspired by the coin livia appeared on in her time.

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