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The Augustus story

The Augustus is our first model. This rectangular shape gives you a bold, manly statement look. With more than enough options to change the inner rim, a different colour means a different look.

Caesar Augustus // 63 B.C. - 14 A.D.

Originally named Gaius Octavius, he was born into an old and wealthy equestrian branch of the plebeian gens Octavia. His maternal great-uncle Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC and Octavius was named in Caesar’s will as his adopted son and heir; as a result, he inherited Caesar’s name, estate, and the loyalty of his legions.

Augustus was the first Roman emperor. His status as the founder of the Roman Principate has consolidated a legacy as one of the most effective leaders in human history. The reign of Augustus initiated an era of relative peace known as the Pax Romana.

“Young men, listen to an old man to whom
old men listened when he was young.”

- Augustus

We have called this model Augustus because it represents the start of MMXX.

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